The 10 Best Restaurants in Singapore You Should Try

Best Restaurants in Singapore

The Best Restaurants in Singapore are always just around the corner on this food-obsessed island, tempting you to have one more meal. It might be a traditional Chinese restaurant, a World’s Best establishment, or a hip small plates bar. Additionally, price does not always indicate quality: a plate of chicken rice with a Michelin star can be had for less than $5.

The fact that every Singaporean you ask will have a long list of the Best Restaurants in Singapore to suggest doesn’t help, making the fear of missing out on the best meals the city has to offer very real. Therefore, the approach is to begin locally and spread outward. To that end, we chose restaurants for our list of Best Restaurants in Singapore that best exemplify Singaporean cuisine in all its delicious variety.

The 10 Best Restaurants in Singapore You Should Try

1. Burnt Ends restaurant

Best Restaurants in Singapore

We will never be able to satisfy our cravings for perfectly grilled steaks, so it is not surprising that the consistently busy steakhouse has made it to our prestigious list for the fourth consecutive year. Gourmets keep returning to the steakhouse in Dempsey after it recently moved to a larger location (with a bakery arm) for a taste of its mouthwatering steaks and contemporary Australian dishes, which are cooked in the custom-made grills. Save room for dessert, especially the renowned bombolinis, which come in a variety of flavors.

2. Cut by Wolfgang Puck

Visit this venerable steakhouse owned by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck for a sumptuous steak meal. The menu features exquisite cuts that have been sourced from all over the world and are cooked to your preferred level of doneness. But it’s the rare and hard-to-find cuts that are frequently included in the seasonal menu that keep carnivores coming back for more. Other meat and seafood specialties, as well as wines from a lengthy wine list, can be added to enhance the experience.

3. New Ubin Seafood

 Best Restaurants in Singapore

The extensive menu at New Ubin Seafood, which appears to be a mash-up of various styles, reflects modern Singaporeans’ taste preferences. However, there are also dishes like “Heart Attack Fried Rice” (rice crisped to a crisp with beef fat and dark soy sauce), perfectly cooked U.S. Black Angus rib-eye steaks, and foie gras satay. Traditional options include chili crab and various Indian-style biryanis. Despite the menu’s diversity, almost every dish is hearty and satisfying.

4.  Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Singapore

The Peking duck, which is served here tableside and is widely regarded as one of the best in town, is the star of the show, as the name Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Best Restaurants in Singapore suggests. First served with a saucer of sugar for dipping is its exquisitely lacquered, paper-thin skin. The next dish is delicious duck breast slices. The leftovers are returned to the kitchen where they can be fried with vegetables or noodles or turned into a hearty broth. Booking ahead is advised.

5. Candlenut

Singaporean chef Malcolm Lee draws on his heritage and culinary training to create contemporary versions of Straits Chinese dishes at Candlenut, the first Peranakan Best Restaurants in Singapore to receive a Michelin star. The “yeye” (grandfather’s) curry, which is served as an appetizer of fried pastry cups (kueh pie tee shells) filled with crab meat, pickled shallots, and laksa leaves, is one of the many that are based on family recipes. Try the buah keluak (an earthy black nut) curry with local chicken and the bakwan kepiting (a comforting chicken broth swimming with crab and pork balls and sliced bamboo shoots). Keep room for dessert as well.

6. La Dame De Pic, Raffles Singapore

Due to its gorgeous location at Raffles Singapore, impeccable service, and modern-French cuisine prepared by recently hired chef Francesco Di Marzio, visiting Anne-Sophie Pic’s establishment in Singapore is always a joyous experience. Enjoy delicious creations like the iconic berlingots, which are frequently updated to reflect the season. During our most recent visit, the pasta parcels filled with cheese fondue were dipped in a flavorful broth made of matcha, green cardamom, and herby leek dashi.

7. Meta Best Restaurants in Singapore

Best Restaurants in Singapore

From the shy chef we first encountered in 2015 when he opened his first restaurant, Meta, Chef Sun Kim has come a long way. His most recent tasting menu, which proudly celebrates his South Korean heritage, demonstrates how much more assured and self-assured he has become in his ability to cook. Although it still draws inspiration from French cooking methods, you can find sophisticated dishes like the Challans duck, which is cooked sous vide and served with namul, a Korean side dish that enhances the duck’s exquisite flavor and texture.

8. Mott 32 Singapore

Mott 32 is one of Singapore’s most well-liked Cantonese Best Restaurants in Singapore thanks to its delectable Cantonese cuisine, exceptional mixology, and stunning interiors. According to Malcolm Wood, the global managing and culinary director of Maximal Concepts, “We take our food and wine list super seriously,” and it shows in the Chinese dishes, which are presented in a contemporary manner but are rooted in traditional flavors. The apple wood-roasted Peking duck “Signature Mott 32 Cut,” which is made with a 42-day-aged duck and roasted for 24 hours to produce a crisp skin and succulent flesh, is among the must-try dishes.

9. Restaurant Euphoria

Best Restaurants in Singapore

With Restaurant Euphoria, local chef Jason Tan is back in our Top 20 list. Here, he offers his “Gastro-Botanica” 2.0 cuisine, a hybrid of French cooking methods and locally sourced meat, fish, and vegetables. His tribute to the Cevennes onion, his preferred ingredient, is presented on the menu in four different ways: as an onion cup holding a sous-vide egg, an onion tart sprinkled with parmesan, an onion chip, and a savory onion tea.

10. Zén Best Restaurants in Singapore

Dining at the Singapore location of celebrity chef Bjorn Frantzén, run by executive chef Tristin Farmer, is always a pleasure. When you ring the doorbell, the experience starts off like going to a friend’s house for dinner. When you arrive, staff will serve you an amuse-bouche and a glass of champagne before escorting you to the second floor for the main course. Modern Nordic cuisine with Asian accents is served on the frequently updated tasting menu, which is enhanced by the general manager (and beverage director) Aaron Jacobson’s delectable wine and non-alcoholic pairings.


We have chosen the restaurants that make up our esteemed Best Restaurants in Singapore list this year with the assistance of our expert reviewers who evaluated these top tables based on four key points (food, setting, wine, and service) and our newly introduced voting panel.